Participating Artists:

Nadav Assor, Florian Graf, Adelheid Mers, Joshua Sampson, Yefeng Wang

Curated by Fang-Tze Hsu

Nadav Assor Falling
Nadav Assor , “Falling” , 2006, Transparent Lightjet prints on lightboxes

Effervescent Condition would like to thank
School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC)
Office of Exhibition Practice
Office of the Multicultural Affair
Office of the Deans and Division Chairs
Arts Administration and Policy Program
Kitty Ross, Dean of Graduate Studies, SAIC
James E. Britt Jr., Director of Multicultural Affairs, SAIC
jon Cates, Assistant Professor in Film, Video & New Media, SAIC
Nicholas Lowe, Chair of MA Arts Administration and Policy, SAIC
Sarah Mallin, Development Communications Office of Development, SAIC
Adelheid Mers, Associate Professor in Arts Administration and Policy, SAIC
Rachel Weiss, Professor, Department of Arts Administration and Policy, SAIC
Michael Ryan, Director of Exhibition Curricula Office of Exhibition Practices, SAIC
Maud Lavin, Professor, Visual and Critical Studies; Art History, Theory, and Criticism of SAIC
Lisa Norton, Professor in Architecture, Interior Architecture and Designed Objects Department, SAIC


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