An Arche Type?

With An Arche Type, I explored the notion of Type and Model in art and architecture. To give a definition of Type is as difficult as coming up with a definition of Form. Type and Model are fundamental categories on which human knowledge is based. We find the notions of Type and Model underlying all intellectual work. In fact, it would be difficult to find an intellectual creation, either a scientific theory or a work of art, in which a notion of Type or Model has not played a central role.

The true meaning of Type as a ‚conceptual model’ permeates every intellectual creation and is open to reinterpretation and further development. In contrast, the concept of a Model implies formal qualities
which clearly define an object or structure and therefore make reproduction or copying possible.

With my project for a simultanious exhibition in China and USA, I explored the meaning of Type and Model in regard to the interpretation within different environments. I initiated a project that explores the meaning of type as a creative concept that allows interpretation and experimentation. I developed the description of a type, which was independently interpreted, discussed and transformed into a model by two groups in Xuzhou and Chicago. Both groups built a model according to their recorded discussion. Then both groups sent an image of the model to the other group. According to the received image, both groups made a copy from the image-model. The difference between the actual built models in both exhibitions shows the potential of a type being transformed into a specific interpretation and active development which goes beyond the simple process of copying.

Florian Graf, Chicago 2010

Florian Graf
Fulbright Scholarship
2010 Graduate Candidate for
MFA in Art and Technology
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Florian Graf workshop

An Arche Type?

Please imagine and design a structure/ building/ sculpture that

1. shelters one standing person
2. is like a person
3. you can identify with because it presents your self-awareness
4. accentuates your moral and emotional state of mind
5. reflects your desires
6. has openings to look out or in
7. has an ambiguous relationship with the ground
(rooted and hovering at the same time)
8. is colored the way it enters into a dialogue with the surrounding
9. is materialized with products that are available or manufactures
within 50 km
10. is proportioned the way it enhances all above mentioned factors

Florian Graf,Chicago 2010
Description of “An Arch Type?”

Chinese Participants
Mi, Zhenxi 米振曦
Tianrui 田蕊
Pan, Feifei 潘菲菲
Wangyu 王羽
Dong, Yehong 董叶红

Chicago Participants
Kirsti Hanson (M.Arch candidate SAIC)
Katie Waugh (M.F.A. candidate SAIC)
Ilie Paun Capriel (Postbac SAIC)
Cara Ellis (M.Arch candidate SAIC)
Katarina Nöteberg (M.F.A candidate ECA)

Workshop Chicago

Schnappsshot (2008) 1

Extension (2009) 2 pagoda II (2007) 3

1. Castle in the Air, Trying to Land. 2009, Print (variable sizes)
2. Schnapps Shot 55, 2009, Photomontage (variable sizes)
3. Pagoda, 2007, brick and concrete (8m high)


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