Participants in DodgeDraw interact with each other by way of a life-size video projection relayed in real
time through a peer-to-peer communication network. Throughout a performance, participants engage in
an activity involving action, reaction and documentation.

With the development of peer-to-peer networking programs such as Skype, AIM, and iChat, the public
has been exposed to a new form of communication that not only outshines previous modes in power and
speed, but now also rivals them in accessibility, flexibility, and ease of use.

Applications such as these harness the power of ‘real time’ in ways that many early video artists foresaw
and viewed as the strength and future of their medium. While there exists a long history of artists working
via digital networks, Skype’s employment as an artistic tool alongside pastel, paper, and tape is a
departure from overly complex digital or analogue networks of the past. As new media technologies
becomeincreasingly integrated into our daily lives, they will continually be modified and elaborated upon
by their users.

Advancements towards telepresence have mostly been deployed in traditioinal ways, mimicking or
elaborating upon that of the phone conversation. DodgeDraw utilizes an alternant framework for
network-based communication, one based in physical presence and played out within the context of a
game-like scenario.

The communication initiated by DodgeDraw is not only a proposed mode of social interaction and its
documentation, but also a means of producing art objects. The resulting media is a synthesis of
traditional and new media. In unison the drawings and video produced speak to a breadth of representation rooted in multiple art histories and enacted in real time performance through an
alternant framework.

Joshua Sampson
Graduate Student
In Film, Video & New Media
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Joshua Sampson - DodgeDraw
Joshua Sampson - Dodge Draw
DodgeDraw, 2009, Installation Shot, Chicago

8  SampsonJ02(2006)Project Study, 2006, Painting and Video installation


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