Secondary world – Association

As a Chinese post-80s youth, my life is filled with much contradiction, confusion and anxiety. These
concerns come from genealogy, society, cultural conditions and circumstances. I speculate the meaning
of contemporary Chinese society as well as the illusion bubble (referring to the social mechanism that
creates the appearance of prosperity through such things as propaganda, economics, culture) which have
been perceived more and more frequently. In my practice, I interpret the human world via my own being,
through taking the first step of understanding myself. For investigating and handling my contradictions and confusions, I attempt to detach myself from the physical world I live in, then imagine and create a different
world of my own, a secondary world. This process is realized through various media with capacities to
capture my mentality at the moment. I explore the association between these two worlds, and through
comparison, try to acquire some palpable authenticity. Therefore, I am concerned with the relationship
with both the physical world, my secondary world and myself more than just the worlds themselves,
since the association is the key and the essence.

Figure – Copies of a Copy

A figure emerges in my secondary world, and it is the only figure there. The figure stripped of flesh is
only a reference of where I come from, but not telling my future. Actually, this is a figure I extracted from
myself. It is a mirror image of my thoughts and psychological activities. Because of the existence of this “intermediary,” my aspiration of examining myself from an objective angle becomes executable. During
the process, the figure is being infinitely reproduced, and here is already the beginning of objective
examining. These figures carry my anxiety, my confusion, my fear, my preference, my arrogance, my
ideals, my hesitation, my obsession, my ambiguousness of purpose, and the list still can be continued.
By any means, each of them reflects the actuality of me, even if they look illusory. Herein, the relationship
between these objects and the subject (me) is that they are created by me, and they assist to reveal
myself, and in turn everything, in a sincere approach.

Yeheng Wang
Graduate Student
In Art and Technology
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Yefang Wang Battlefield
Battlefield, 2009, Video Installation, 2.5X3.5 meters

Dragon Skull
Dragon Skull diagram, 2009, Drawing on paper

The Process of Deconstruction, 2009, Porcelain Pieces, Pig skull, Antlers, TableThe Process of Deconstruction, 2009, Porcelain Pieces, Pig skull, Antlers, Table


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